Saturday, November 13, 2010

Santa Clause is Coming to Town

And I need to get my house decorated for his arrival! We went and bought our tree the other night. It's our first ever Christmas tree so its a bit exciting for me and Corey. We have a heap of decorations but could probably do with a few more. We are so excited to put the tree up! One other thing I know I definately want to make is a Christmas Wreath for our front door. Here are some that I am loving from around the blogworld. These first two are my favourites.

Okay so I know the second one is not Christmas-y but it is pretty much what I want just with different colours and obviously not "BOO" on the banner. I am thinking I will do a hybrid of these two options. I have the wreath I just need to get some yarn and get making. Hopefully I will have it done soon. And here is another Christmas-y couple that I like.
And wreaths are not just for Christmas. How cool would this one with the mini mix master look hanging in the kitchen. Or substitute the mix master for a sewing machine and hang it in your craft room.
This one would look cool hanging on a nursery door or in a nursery with the child's initial on it. Something different to the standard name wall hangings.

And this argyle one is just super funky. Click the image source link to be taken to the etsy shop where it is for sale.
(image source)

So hopefully next time I post a wreath it will be the one that is hanging on my own front door. Fingers crossed!


Lovers, Saints & Sailors said...

The apartment downstairs has their wreath up already. Actually, it's more of a giant plastic snowflake. Anyway the most important part of this story is that it has been up since Christmas last year.
It was weird for about the last 10 months, but not any more.

Lillabilly said...

We have a place near us like that with their Christmas lights.

I really love the halloween one - you could xmas-ise it by having it say "Ho Ho Ho" :)

Polka Dot Daze said...

Oh thanks for the inspiration.
I usually make a fresh wreath with foliage and lights every year. But I think a felt one would be much more fitting.