Monday, November 22, 2010

Oh Christmas Wreath!

Oh Christmas Wreath!

I finally got around to finishing my Christmas wreath that I started last week. I managed to get it all wrapped in an hour while watching NCIS. I went to Spotlight the very next day to buy some ric rac to finish it off but they had none. None! No red, no green, no white! I was a bit bummed out. So yesterday when we went to Ikea I ducked into the Spotlight next door to see if they had any ric rac and luckily they did.

Oh Christmas Wreath!

It is a pretty simple wreath and was super easy to make. All in all it took an hour and a half of crafting time. It was also super cheap! The wreath I bought in the sales last year for $2, the yarn was in my stash, the ric rac cost $1.50 and the ornaments came from K-mart for $2 each. Total cost = $9.50. Pretty good considering the wreaths in the shop are selling for at least $20.

Oh Christmas Wreath!

I am so happy with the wreath and my house is kind of starting to look like Christmas. I am not allowed to put our tree up until after Corey's birthday which is this Thursday so hopefully next week it will be up and decorated. I can't wait!


Kat said...

Wow Kat, it looks great. $9.50 what a bargain.

Kylie said...

The wreath looks great - well done:)
We dont put the tree up here until 1st Dec:)

Lillabilly said...

That looks completely fabulous, Kat - great job!

Melissa said...

Your wreath looks amazing! Fab job!

We haven't started any Christmas decorating yet, maybe sometime in the next few weeks?

Kara said...

Oh cute! Really well done!

flossy-p said...

Oh Cool! Well done. I made a very similar one last year... I must go dig that out :)

sophie said...

That's a great wreath. I think this weekend we might do some Christmas decorating, I have kept a hole load of toilet rolls for the kids to make garlands from!!

Spotlight is so lame sometimes, I mean how can you run out of an essential like ric rac???